Born in Los Angeles, CA and having graduated from the University of California, Riverside, William enlisted into the armed services only a month after the September 11th attacks and found himself stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington shortly thereafter. He was assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division and became a part of the very first “Stryker” Brigade. After a deployment to Iraq, William was reassigned to a Calvary Brigade to teach and mentor younger soldiers.

Upon leaving the military, William continued his education and pursued a Master’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health. While striving towards this milestone, he worked as a safety consultant which allowed him to travel and deliver speeches all around the world. Some of William’s clients included Cirque du Soleil, NBC / Universal, NASA, Disney, National Park Service, Direct TV, Federal Aviation Administration, National Weather Service, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and a whole host of other well known organizations.
William has made a living giving speeches in front of large and small crowds. His ability to read an audience, combined with his witty ness will ensure that, despite the inevitable hiccups, no one will be the wiser. His travels have taken him to numerous countries around the world, such as Greece, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea (where he met his bride) has given him a unique perspective on life and culture. William moved his family from the Seattle area to Central Virginia when he accepted a job to work for a non-profit organization that employs people with disabilities. Now he uses his vast experience of global cultures, public speaking and combines it with a profound love of people to help ensure that they begin their lives together with a memorable ceremony.

William Wright


Founder of Forever Agape


Joshua Burtram

Reverend - Officiant

Owner of Forever Agape

Josh grew up in Northern Virginia near Washington DC, the youngest of 5 children. His father was a pastor, so Josh has been used to public speaking from an early age and even won several awards for preaching and speaking as a teenager. He graduated from the University of Valley Forge in 2008 and continued his education at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and Drew University.

Josh has worked in ministry at several different churches and is an experienced speaker, teacher, and preacher. Although he met his wife Ashley at the University of Valley Forge, they didn't date and marry until 2 years after graduation in August of 2010. Josh and Ashley lived in Ohio from 2011-2019 and while there was blessed with three children Malachi (2013), Noelle (2016) and Autumn (2019). 

Josh and Ashley moved to the Richmond area in 2019 to start Short Pump Community Church in Glen Allen, VA. Josh was honored to follow in Will's footsteps when he assumed the role of owner of Forever Agape LLC in 2022. He gets very excited to help couples get their lives started off with a meaningful and memorable wedding day, and is looking forward to expanding Forever Agape's services in the future so that couples can focus on EACH OTHER as they prepare for marriage with less coordination on their part!

Margaret Wright 
Officiant- Civil Celebrant

Margaret is an Indiana native, but moved to Virginia from Seattle. She is a musician, singer, belly dancer, and world traveler! Having visited over 15 countries she has a unique perspective of the world, and loves to share that with those around her. In addition, she has lived in both Germany and South Korea, and actually met her husband in Korea while teaching English (connect this story to Will's bio, above).

Margaret now lives in Chester, VA with her husband Will and their two sons. 

Margaret possesses a Bachelors in German Studies and can speak it fluently. With a penchant for the theatrical and a genuine love for people, Forever-Agape, LLC is blessed to have such a wonderful woman like her on our team.


From a young age, Nicole has enjoyed performance art and public speaking. She has, on many occasions, taken on leadership roles for both school and church productions as well as solo performances in choir, music ministry, and national competitive cheerleading. Nicole was also top of her class in her Communications course and was ostentatiously voted “Most Likely to Do Something Dangerous” by her high school senior class…which is why we love her so much! 

The social aspect of her interests and the wildness in her spirit were major driving forces behind Nicole meeting Philip, her husband. The two met at a missionary program in Orlando, FL and traveled together across the globe to benefit an AIDS hospice and local children’s feeding program. Phillip and Nicole have been married for seven years, and going strong! The couple currently resides in rural Hanover county with their three boys, James John, and Isaac. 

Nicole truly has a heart for people, and loves being a part of a couple’s special day. Nicole has actually been writing wedding ceremony scripts for quite a while now as she wrote her own ceremony! This is why we are confident that she will be writing many more amazing scripts for couples looking to have their love story told o their wedding day! 

Nicole McKinney

Officiant - Civil Celebrant


* Ashley's bio soon to come! (See Josh's  bio for general info.) 

Ashley Burtram 
Reverend- Officiant

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