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Wedding Ceremony Script Writing 

Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs

Forever-Agape understands that you may have a best friend, family member or loved one that has been waiting for you and your significant other to get married for some time. That person may also have been anticipating the honor of being able to marry you two. That said, they may need help crafting the perfect wedding ceremony script. 


The 'Wedding Ceremony Script Writing' package is the ideal choice for you or your chosen officiant to learn how to write a script and format it in a way that is usable during your ceremony. 


What's Included:
  • Free initial consultation where we can discuss exactly what needs to be in a wedding ceremony script

  • A customized .pdf file with the ceremony that is broken into the appropriate components and phases of a typical wedding. 

  • The ceremony will have the parts broken up so that the person reading it will know when to pause, breath, and suggestions on where to focus their attention. 

  • Three revisions are included so that we both can be assured that the script you receive is the right one for the ceremony. 

  • Unlimited access to a licensed officiant, up to and the day of there wedding, for any questions about the script. 

COST: Approx. $100

  • $25  -  Base Fee

  • $50  -  Writing & Revisions of ceremony

  • $25  -  G & A expenses

  • Travel Fees May Apply

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