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Love & Lattes

Initial Wedding Consultation

Every love story has a beginning and we want to know yours. Forever-Agape is very interested in understanding how the two of you met, what made you fall for each other, and what has inspired you to take the next step. Our Love & Lattes Consultation is designed to let us get to know you, and for you to know us. 

Our free consultation sessions are not, in any way, a confirmation or promise that you will hire us, and as a matter of fact many of our customers will "interview" us, meet with other officiant's, and come back excited that they have found the right provider for their wonderful day. It would be presumptuous of us to think that we are the perfect fit for every couple. That said, we are not offended if you decide not to go with us, and often times, we may be able to refer you to someone that fits your particular need or style. 

What to expect?


Expect our our professional officiants to be themselves. There will not be a hard sale of services or cost. If you would like to discuss this upfront, by all means please let your officiant know. The purpose of the meeting is a general "meet and greet" and familiarization of each other. Don't be surprised if the officiant asks you questions that pertain to your courtship, as they want to use this information to start planning the perfect script to write. 

Sometimes through the process of talking with the officiant you may find that the service you were looking for is not what you need. Do not worry, the officiant will help you anyway they can, and if it is not part of the regular service we offer, we will create one just for you! 

Not sure what to ask?

Check out this great article from The Knot website:


Questions to Ask Potential Officiants

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